MCC Panel

MCC Panel

MCC Panels’ role is to provide modular combination for motor control, compact and electrical distribution. It is an enclosed cabinet with lighting contractors, combination starters, and control products that distribute electricity to other components. SMA Groups is a leading Motor Control Center manufacturer and supplier having MCC panel maker in India. They produce MCC that have basic functions, which include overload protection, power switching device, controller state indication, and local and remote actuation that protects machinery and equipment from damage.

Leading Features:
Checked on the parameters of durability and performance before the dispatch
Preferred for its rust proof finish, high durability, and space-saving design
It reduces harmonic distortion and eliminates disturbances by controlling the direct torque of the motor

These panels are very beneficial for every industry that operate big machineries and have the need to protect them from electrical failures. Here are a few benefits of these panels that you must know.

  1. They are a single source for bringing together components. A person can easily purchase these low voltage panels, as they are available as pre-assembled, pre-tested, and with low installation costs. When compared with other mounted controls, they are the most cost-effective, when it comes to installation.
  2. However, it significantly needs less line-side power wiring in comparison with other electric distribution equipment. This major aspect of low voltage motor control center panels, which makes them easy to install as well as use.
  3. With centralized maintenance, they come in space-efficient packing, which makes it easier and flexible to configure.
  4. They offer the best results when it comes to fault containment and electrical component isolation.

MCC panels are mostly used in units where there are multiple types of equipment that are remotely controlled loads interconnected to the central control point. In industrial units, MCC panel maker where there are big plants, the central control point is an environmental control system with fan loads, HVAC, and pumps. There are different types of industrial units that have different load types like mixers, conveyors, fans, and pumps. All of these loads require effective and corresponding control, which protects the machinery from any sort of damage. Besides, these panels can be a great source of essential practice or machine analytical information.

There are traditional and smart MCC panel makers available that have been an effective source of control. Smart Control Panels are smarter than traditional panels but have similarities in between. A smart panel has intelligence-driven devices that can easily control motors and monitor its operations. They can monitor the energy consumption, quality of the energy, and running of the machinery, so they can quickly communicate any damage with the process control system through data networking.
However, it is factual that traditional panels integrate smart devices like what smart panels might have, in a limited way. The most important tool that traditional panels incorporate is the smart devices that include data networks, which makes them more effective and efficient in use. Besides, with Smart Panels, utilizing data network and smart devices is one the main feature, which has ‘n’ number of advantages.

Smart motor control center and Traditional panels have its own advantages that cannot be overlooked. Thus, while choosing any one of them, you must know the benefits of these panels that have a rising demand in the market.

Advantages of Smart MCC Panels

  1. They are economically handy, as it reduced the commissioning and system installation costs. Besides, they are low on maintenance, which again saves you thousands of rupees, which are spent on maintenance.
  2. It also reduces the cost of energy utilization by reducing downtime.
  3. It focuses on increasing system efficiency with better functioning and data networks.

Based on the listed advantages, you can now choose your requirement based on your machinery and equipment. SMA Groups have experience MCC panel maker offers the best and quality low voltage and a medium voltage motor control center manufacturers and suppliers in Noida, Delhi, India that are efficient and cost-friendly, unlike others. However, other than just delivering quality products, they also provide installation and after-services, which makes it easy to maintain your equipment and ensure quality functioning for a long time.


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