LT Control Panel

LT Control Panel

LT Control Panels or Low-Tension Panels are accountable for distributing power. They are widely known as power distributing units, which are engineered to receive power from a transformer to distribute it to other heavy load machinery as well as distribution boards. These low voltage Panels are rated for three or four-wire systems for 430 V, 3-Phase, 50Hz. This freestanding unit is floor mounted, enclosed, and extensible. They are highly efficient in providing electricity to both internal and external industrial applications. The Distribution Panels are customized as per the requirements of the customers based upon their usage, capacity, and specifications of their machinery.

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SMA Groups that is the leading manufacturer and supplier of low voltage and medium voltage lt control panels in India manufactures these electrical panels in accordance with the needs of the customers as well as following the industrial norms to ensure quality and higher-degree of service. They have utilized top-notch quality products. With the help of state of the art technology, they have ensured durability, reliability, and long-shelf-life of the distributing panels. The manufacturer welcomes its clients to provide them with specifications, so they can serve them with the best of the products and services. The industry also welcomes international clients, as they believe that it is the best move to provide people across the globe with the best of their services.

However, being the top leader in the industry and LT Control Panel manufacturer and supplier in Noida, Delhi, India, SMA Groups offers the best Low Tension Panels at affordable prices. Here are some of the features of these panels that stand them out of the rat race and make them the top manufacturer because of quality.

  • These panels are durable. The delivery is done in efficient packaging that makes it easier to install and use.
  • When it comes to cost, they are cost-effective. They do not include any installation charges. However, it also requires maintenance once in a long time, ensuring proper functioning of the machinery for a longer period.
  • The distribution panels are not just made up of quality material, bur provides quality services also. In performance, they are the best in receiving the power and distributing it to all devices. Thus, investing your money in these control panels will be a great choice because it will keep providing with you the best results.
  • At last, they are available at the best prices. Configured as per the requirements of the clients, you are not charged for any unnecessary requirements. However, many believe that customizations are expensive, but SMA Group ensures that you will get the best product at an economical price with great after services.

Benefits of Low Tension Control Panels

Power Distribution – For even distribution of power to all the electrical devices and distribution boards, LT Control Panel is the best to use. They have uniform performance in receiving power from generators or transformers that ensures effective distribution of power.

Safe Use – Low Tension Control Panels are safe to use and ensure the safety of circuits. It also prevents other distributing devices and operating machinery from any type of damage due to overload or any other electrical issue.

Cost-Effective – The manufacturer ensures that they have the best price offered for panels in the market. As they are built at their in-house facility under the guidance of qualified and professional engineers as well as quality measures, thus, it provides the best product without making a hole in their customer’s pocket. SMA believes that quality comes first, so all their products are quality-driven and cost-effective.

Easy to Maintain – From ensuring quality to being cost-effective, these low voltage panels are also easy to maintain. The client does not have to worry about their maintenance, as it’s hassle-free. This ensures effective operations of the control panels. Thus, you save many costs!

Thus, SMA Group is a reliable manufacturer and supplier of LT Control Panels. If you are in any need of distribution panels, request your quote and queries and get the product delivered to you in the best quality.

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