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For the effective functioning of industrial equipment and machinery, Control panels are a necessary and integral part. They control various equipment, operator devices, and appliance, as it provides power. Every industry has different requirements for distribution panels based on their machinery and equipment. However, a combination of different devices determines the selection process of machinery. SMA Groups is one of the leading Low Voltage and Medium Voltage control panel manufacturers and suppliers in India.

Thus, they are a bit confusing to understand, so let us learn more about it.

What are Control Panels?

A system controls and monitors various equipment and devices in an enclosed unit. The electrical panel is one of the integral parts of industrial electrification. They regulate the electrical functioning of machinery and equipment present in the factory. Electrical panels are necessary because they protect the machinery from being damaged due to electrical failures and overloading.

However, SMA Groups add that these power distribution panels come in different combinations based on the devices and equipment that any industry uses.

Here are the few types of low voltage panels that are basic but again important based utility machineries –

  1. LT/PCC Panels
  2. APFC/Capacitor Panels
  3. Drawout Panel
  4. VFD Panel
  5. MCC Panels
  6. Lighting Panel
  7. Distribution Panel

Today, there is a rising demand for Control panel parts supplier in the market because of rapid industrialization and electrification. However, every industry now requires electric distribution panels to operate heavy electrical equipment like Motor control, machinery, generator, transformer etc.

SMA Groups, which is the leading manufacturer and supplier of low voltage and high voltage control panels in India, produces the best and efficient products. The products produced by the manufacturer are of the best quality and can be used to operate highly electric equipment and machinery. Thus, if you need one for your company, you must contact SMA Groups because there products are efficient and effective.


SMA POWER CONTROL is committed to providing quality products with reasonable delivery periods and reliable services even after the sales and agreements. Our customers reward us by placing orders with consecutive orders, highlighting their faith in us in response to our quality and hassle-free services.

Our vision has always been to provide our customers with quality products and reliable services. Our constant willingness to adapt to the latest technology, encourage innovation and product diversification comes from our inherent desire to offer our customers with the best, safe, reliable, and cost-effective solutions, without compromising on quality and services.

To provide total customer satisfaction through a teamwork approach based on honesty and integrity to deliver cost-effective and quality products. We strive to constantly improve and acquire the skills and competencies that aids us with continuous growth and development. We aim to keep our employees motivated and build mutual co-operation based on trust and ethics and meet our requirements with the appropriate participation of all.

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Our aim is to provide complete customer satisfaction through timely delivery of our products and services and we strive to continuously improve through the feedback provided by our esteemed customers.


LT Control Panel Manufacturer


LT Control Panels or Low-Tension Panels are accountable for distributing power.

MCC Control Panel

MCC Control Panel

MCC Panels’ role is to provide modular combinations for motor control, compact and electrical distribution.

APFC Control Panel

APFC Control Panel

APFC Panels stands for Automatic Power Factor Control Panels. As the name suggests, APFC Panels are used widely for obtaining improved Power Factor.

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We are renowned as the topmost manufacturer and supplier of an excellent range of LT Panel.

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Who We Are


SMA POWER CONTROLS is one of the leading manufacturer of custom Built Low Voltage & Medium Voltage Panels, Switch gears, Motor Starters & Automation and also executes Turnkey Projects.

The Company was incorporated in the Year 1985 for the electrical installation at sites and manufacturing of custom built LT Panel under the brand name of SMA POWER CONTROLS with a vision to provide competent reliable and timely solution in the field of Power sector. The customer oriented company is being managed by professional with experience of over 20 years in the same industry.


Electrical Panel Manufacturer

Electrical Panels are important components and a home for electrical components. These panels are very useful to protect electrical equipment, and they provide cost-effective consistency too. They have well designed and neat configuration, which makes them easy to use and you can control different electrical equipment. However, the panels vary in size and strength, as they hold a place where different switches and breaker components are located. There are different types of panels available in the market. However, SMA Groups, which is a leading manufacturer of electrical panels in Noida, Delhi, India, has listed different panels based on their size, strength, and working environment.

Different Types of Electrical Panel

  1. VFD Panel
  2. DG Synchronization Panel
  3. Power Distribution Panel
  4. AMF Control Panel

Apart from these, there are high-quality electrical panels available that do not require any unnecessary maintenance and can operate for a long-time without any extra cost spent. To get the best quality panels you must visit SMA Groups that not just provide quality products but quality service also. Before purchasing any product from them, you can consult them and tell them about your operations and industries based on which they suggest you with the best that supports your machinery and protects them from high-voltage damage.

The most important aspect of purchasing any panel is to consider what is best for your organization as well as in your budget. However, taking consultations, making comparisons, and looking at your own requirements, you can easily purchase an electrical panel that suits your industrial environment the best.

Since there are different types of panels available in different sizes and strengths; you must first refer to the catalogues to choose as per your requirement. However, the most important is to look for suitable electrical additions that are used for different buildings and industries. Enclosed distribution panels are more protective and provide better security to all of the machinery, and other electrical equipment present. Thus, SMA Groups is the best electrical panel manufacturer and supplier in Noida, Delhi, India, and will be the best choice to purchase any type of distribution panel.


Our vision is to provide high quality products and services to the customers by adapting advance technology, product diversification and encouraging innovation. With our uncompromising attitude for quality, we deliver products that are safe, cost effective and reliable to customers.


We are committed to the advancement of our customer’s business by meeting the ever changing Control System requirements of industries and institutions worldwide.Being an ISO 9001:2008 certified and ONICRA credit rated company, we deliver only superior grade Control Panel, Control Panel Board, Bus Bar..


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